Cooking with the sun – Figs and fish, awesome combination!


Long time no see….somehow, tonight I got inspired by new sunny flavours. Went to pick up some leaves directly from our fig tree, got some fresh figs (of course) and  from the fish market this black sea bream (called here Goraz caught in the Atlantic). Combined them with some lemons quarters, some zest, olive oil, a bit of garlic (2 cloves), one spring onion and some white wine.

Super easy for a maximum of aroma…





1 – Line up a few fig tree leaves, if you find some maybe some dried ones in supermarkets.


2 – Place the whole fish (about 1 kg, 2 pounds) already scaled and cleaned up.

3 – Fill it up with the marinade (figs, lemon, garlic, onion, salt and pepper, olive oil)

4 – Pour a big glass of white wine in the pot.

5 –  If you have nothing to tie the leaves, add up some alu foil to hold the fish tight.

6 –  In a preheated oven, give it some love with 200 degree celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit) for 10 minutes. Bring it down to 180 degrees (350 degrees Fahrenheit) for 30  to 40 minutes.

7 – Prepare a salad, some couscous, some rice  to come with it. I have prepared a warm couscous salad with some olives and roasted tomatoes. Spread a bit of lemon, salt and pepper and voilà..

was really delicious and the cooking technique with the fig leaves brings it a subtle smoky aroma, but kept the fish moist and tender. A keeper for the rest of the summer!

I will try this method next time on the grill and will give you updates.

Bon appétit!

For Rolf, with all my friendship. Looking forward to be cooking with you again! 




fish_3 fish_2 fish_1