When one becomes two – Giving a kick to left overs

Remember last night macaroni al pesto? You take almost the same ingredients and revamp them for a fresh tasty salad for lunch, the following day. Elle n’est pas belle la vie, hein?

Facile, facile…

Spring macaroni salad alla Razzie

Macaroni + dried tomatoes+ garlic/herbes de Provence olives + fresh feta cheese (sheep)+ spinach (had them too in the fridge)+ pesto as a dressing.

I have added up a few drops of balsamic vinegar+ salt. Et voilĂ , ready to be served.

Not that I am bored but I need to go packing. I am off to keep on eating in Italy…. Yallah 🙂

Tanti carissimi auguri di buona Pasqua 🙂 Ciao ciao

Baci 🙂

Spring special – It is a keeper, he replied!

Tonight I’ll do a new(er) fresh(er) version of my spring interpretation at the Zapf’s table. This time for a big half of my friends’ pleasure, in English. My other half, please forgive me===> google translate will help big time 🙂

What’s cooking people?

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Postelein goat cheese salad

I’ve just released this new recipe out of my gustative imagination. I always enjoy mixing up colors and tastes. And of course, when i have the chance to combine some of my favorite ingredients with new ones, it makes me even more enthusiastic. Continue reading