Lunch prepared in 10 minutes? It is possible and delicious…




You see that plate? Well I could not really go out and catch lunch with my friend N, but it does not mean Razzie has to starve herself, oder?…Well anyway, to make the long story short, I did not have much time to fix myself something. After a quick look in my fridge, combinations came right away in my head and I will share with you. 

For a 10 Minutes No Panic lunch plate, you can grab a fruit at the end to complete your lunch . 

–  Some salad (here I have used the Postelein Salad from the farmers market)

– Some protein (I had some ‘magret de canard séché’ (duck) in the fridge  very handy as  I can quickly fix an aperitif or a nice snack with it – love the deep taste of it!) –  In your case, use whatever cold cuts you have at hand (Ham, Veal, Beef…) 

– Some cheeesssssse – say Cheese- (in my case I had this Picandou still in the fridge looking at me with loving eyes – same as the duck, I always try to have some in the fridge. Imagine, salad, sandwich, omelette, topping a soup, doing a cream cheese as a dip…You have millions of possibilities with this fresh goat cheese. Of course in your plate, you can knock yourself out with any cheese that makes you happy. 

For the fresh Picandou, I also felt it needed to be dressed up – so in a hot pan, I threw in the round cheese, drizzled some honey – both sides, maximum 2 minutes, so it does not become gooey. And for my love of herbs, topped it with fresh thyme. Super duper ‘schnell’ (fast track!) 🙂

– Some cornichons for the crunchiness and the touch of vinegar to give a kick to your salad. 

– Make yourself a vinaigrette/dressing as easy a 1 spoon of balsamic vinegar + 3 spoons of olive oil + a pinch of salt+ a pinch of grounded pepper

et voilà le tour est joué – 10 minutes max you will need before your fork goes from plate to mouth.

Bon appétit les gourmands!