Cologne – Epicerie David Boucherie


A la bonne franquette…

David Boucherie. C’est une épicerie, un bistrot, un lieu de vie où on raconte des histoires mais aussi un sacré personnage qui fait en sorte de nous faire plaisir du petit déj au dîner.

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Cologne – Restaurant Ox und Klee

Please my palate, please. I have chosen “Ox und Klee” to be my Numero Uno gastronomic blog entry for a few reasons:

Primo, I have to confess I had a biased first impression when I read the name the very first time. This name did not ring a bell at all in my “foodie” mind! And not to mention,  it did not sound really “appetizing”. How could Ox und Klee inspire the french americanized girl with a twist of tunisian spice, non german?

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