Jus de basilic – An exquisite alternative to beurre blanc

Let’s go straight to the point – i have loved, I loved, I am loving and will always love the basil plant! It is always in my kitchen, somehow trying to grow it all year-long. And when it is not enough, i am getting fresh ones. I am hitting my salads with it, my pesto, my sandwiches…you name it! and now of course, I was so eager to try it on my fish, as a jus de basilic for some vibrant colors, amazing taste and elegant texture. Curious, follow for details, you’ ll love it forever! Continue reading

A dish that pleases so well the palate – Bulgur veggie patties

I am always searching for a way to revamp, give a new flavor and find versatile veggies recipes – even though I have learned a lot with Anne Sophie Pic how to give them a fine look and kick them a notch… other than steam, cook or sauté them…. In the summer edition of Côté Maison – they are by the way also amazing with deco, check them out –  I have found a bunch of cool, easy-going recipes for simple soirées. Follow me and I will show you how. Continue reading

Back from the market – Do you know what’s cooking for the next 3 evenings?

Hi sweets, just came back from a long market haul, visited cheese monger, fish monger, went to pick up some fresh produce and, and, and even had (wonderful, late very late) lunch. I thought that with all those beautiful quality products I got us,  it was time to share the grocery…stories. Well if you happen to guess one or more of the menus I ll be creating with those, then be my guest – I will cook for you. Promised! 🙂 I have 2 menus in my head out of three –  Need to be creative with the white meat. Continue reading