A goat cheese/ apples/ walnuts/ duck breast verrine – the original version :-)


Access reserved only for Foodistas.. 🙂 You might have side effects of pleasure after trying out this small finger food dish. Of course, you can invariably decline it at your taste ; use mascarpone instead of goat cheese, Pata negra like Bo used in his verrine instead of duck…Let’s cut the talk and walk you through the “original recipe”. Continue reading

Jus de basilic – An exquisite alternative to beurre blanc

Let’s go straight to the point – i have loved, I loved, I am loving and will always love the basil plant! It is always in my kitchen, somehow trying to grow it all year-long. And when it is not enough, i am getting fresh ones. I am hitting my salads with it, my pesto, my sandwiches…you name it! and now of course, I was so eager to try it on my fish, as a jus de basilic for some vibrant colors, amazing taste and elegant texture. Curious, follow for details, you’ ll love it forever! Continue reading