La bruschetta d’Enza


bruschetta_tisch Sometimes why to do complicated when we can do so simple… Especially when the main role is given to La Mozzarella di Bufala DOP directly brought by my friend Enza from the temple of this white jewel, Napoli. So to get directly into business we asked ourselves who could have the supporting role…Tomatoes, basilicum….How about a bruschetta? Lets’ do it. Fabulous.. tasty.  Continue reading

Jus de basilic – An exquisite alternative to beurre blanc

Let’s go straight to the point – i have loved, I loved, I am loving and will always love the basil plant! It is always in my kitchen, somehow trying to grow it all year-long. And when it is not enough, i am getting fresh ones. I am hitting my salads with it, my pesto, my sandwiches…you name it! and now of course, I was so eager to try it on my fish, as a jus de basilic for some vibrant colors, amazing taste and elegant texture. Curious, follow for details, you’ ll love it forever! Continue reading

How to prepare salmon differently – Filled with some goat cheese, mint-sage-basilic cream!

Very easy recipe I have found in the french “Saveurs” of this month as I was bored with salmon…lately. I wanted to find something fresh, with a summer kick and marry it with other flavors. Continue reading

My feel good green pesto

Every time he is gloomy or they need a party, the light switches on in my brain and the heat in my heart. And I am thinking, let’s prepare a few pot luck dishes that will make everybody happy. And green pesto (served with homemade pasta, bien sûr) is one of them. After trying a lot of recipes, I had to make my own… Continue reading