Back from the market – Do you know what’s cooking for the next 3 evenings?

Hi sweets, just came back from a long market haul, visited cheese monger, fish monger, went to pick up some fresh produce and, and, and even had (wonderful, late very late) lunch. I thought that with all those beautiful quality products I got us,  it was time to share the grocery…stories. Well if you happen to guess one or more of the menus I ll be creating with those, then be my guest – I will cook for you. Promised! 🙂 I have 2 menus in my head out of three –  Need to be creative with the white meat. Continue reading

Diagnostic – Pesto addiction is running in the family

Twice pasta today- tomato/mozzarella/arugula for lunch (no photos- sorry).

What’s going on?  Tonight, Macaroni al pesto (Wild Garlic instead of basil leaves).

One cure : more per favore!

One more thing before I go, if you need an amazing recipe for a home made pesto, here we go :


Une salade comme ça j’en veux tous les jours!

Le premier jour du Printemps 2012, parfait à Cologne, un superbe ciel bleu, des températures plus qu’agréables (15/16 degrés), toutes les terrasses et parcs pleins d’un peuple enjoué et heureux. et pourtant…. il manque une petite note pour compléter ce charmant tableau printanier. Ayant atterri sur mon blog, vous avez certainement une petite idée, non? 😉

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