About Me

Multiculti, cosmopolite, internationale…

…”jusqu’aux bout des ongles” (to my fingertips) Tunisian descent, born and raised in France, lived in California, moved to Germany with my husband, my whole life has been about changes and adjustments while trying to build life and happiness, wherever i was. Creating a diary was an attractive idea which was slowly maturing in my head for a few reasons : a blog would enable me to actively keep in touch with my friends and family abroad, to describe my way of discovering Germany, Europe on a broader scale and how i am progressively creating my Cologne and everything around. In addition, i also wanted to create a space where i could simply be me and share my special and everyday experiences from cooking to traveling to general themes i find interesting to write about. A place i could go back to and remember. Last but not least, on a collective-based level, i felt the urge to help other newcomers like me by sharing tips, useful resources and ways of getting more familiar with our new environment. In other words, building a community. With the good deeds but also the tough ones!

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