Winter – time to hibernate or to come back?

sticker_something_wonderfulI know, I know, some of you have been complaining about my long absence from the blog. A thousand times sorry. I wish I could cook for you to be completely forgiven. 😉 To write and share those articles with you require a cosy time to do so.  That time not coming to me easily,- and to be honest, after receiving a charmant email this morning –  I had to get my a— kicked and just do it. So here I am: my head full of new ideas, an abnormal high energy considering that we are in winter – and nonetheless to say, I hateeeee winter-….

and a few recipes from Razzie’s kitchen to share with you…..because i am always thinking that something wonderful is about to happen…eating, cooking, being with dear ones around a nicely decorated table and sharing stories, laughters, hot discussions (we have tons at the moment) ….LIFE IS HAPPENING…and I wanna share a part with you. Thank you for being so many to have registered to receive my new stories. Makes my day.

Are you hungry?

Because I am always.

Let’s celebrate winter together 🙂  Stay tuned…I am cooking right now and will come back shortly (seriously) ….


How to prepare salmon differently – Filled with some goat cheese, mint-sage-basilic cream!

Very easy recipe I have found in the french “Saveurs” of this month as I was bored with salmon…lately. I wanted to find something fresh, with a summer kick and marry it with other flavors. Continue reading

Gourmandise Unleashed РAllez ce soir, on se l̢che! Part 2

After dessert comes the special gift…

It has been a while I wanted to indulge to this italian “drown in coffee” treat more commonly called AFFOGATO…and now i am totally in love! Maybe a tradition has started tonight. Continue reading

Back from the market – Do you know what’s cooking for the next 3 evenings?

Hi sweets, just came back from a long market haul, visited cheese monger, fish monger, went to pick up some fresh produce and, and, and even had (wonderful, late very late) lunch. I thought that with all those beautiful quality products I got us,  it was time to share the grocery…stories. Well if you happen to guess one or more of the menus I ll be creating with those, then be my guest – I will cook for you. Promised! 🙂 I have 2 menus in my head out of three –  Need to be creative with the white meat. Continue reading

Diagnostic – Pesto addiction is running in the family

Twice pasta today- tomato/mozzarella/arugula for lunch (no photos- sorry).

What’s going on?  Tonight, Macaroni al pesto (Wild Garlic instead of basil leaves).

One cure : more per favore!

One more thing before I go, if you need an amazing recipe for a home made pesto, here we go :