Lunch prepared in 10 minutes? It is possible and delicious…




You see that plate? Well I could not really go out and catch lunch with my friend N, but it does not mean Razzie has to starve herself, oder?…Well anyway, to make the long story short, I did not have much time to fix myself something. After a quick look in my fridge, combinations came right away in my head and I will share with you. 

For a 10 Minutes No Panic lunch plate, you can grab a fruit at the end to complete your lunch . 

–  Some salad (here I have used the Postelein Salad from the farmers market)

– Some protein (I had some ‘magret de canard séché’ (duck) in the fridge  very handy as  I can quickly fix an aperitif or a nice snack with it – love the deep taste of it!) –  In your case, use whatever cold cuts you have at hand (Ham, Veal, Beef…) 

– Some cheeesssssse – say Cheese- (in my case I had this Picandou still in the fridge looking at me with loving eyes – same as the duck, I always try to have some in the fridge. Imagine, salad, sandwich, omelette, topping a soup, doing a cream cheese as a dip…You have millions of possibilities with this fresh goat cheese. Of course in your plate, you can knock yourself out with any cheese that makes you happy. 

For the fresh Picandou, I also felt it needed to be dressed up – so in a hot pan, I threw in the round cheese, drizzled some honey – both sides, maximum 2 minutes, so it does not become gooey. And for my love of herbs, topped it with fresh thyme. Super duper ‘schnell’ (fast track!) 🙂

– Some cornichons for the crunchiness and the touch of vinegar to give a kick to your salad. 

– Make yourself a vinaigrette/dressing as easy a 1 spoon of balsamic vinegar + 3 spoons of olive oil + a pinch of salt+ a pinch of grounded pepper

et voilà le tour est joué – 10 minutes max you will need before your fork goes from plate to mouth.

Bon appétit les gourmands!


Bar à soupe – Have you ever tasted soup with almond milk?


soupeOne word : exquisite!

And I am not the only one to say so as I have made it out of the blue for a week night guest. I love to use local produce and try to give some kick and play with flavours.

This particular soup has been made with Jerusalem Artichokes (Topinamb(o)ur also called ‘soleil vivace’ in French…’sunroot or sunchoke, less pretty in English) and some celery root.

List of ingredients for 3 bowls as a starter :

– 1 shallot

– 1 half peeled celery root

– About 300 grammes blanched Jerusalem artichokes (Razzie’s tip : they are easier then to peel and to keep the maximum of the produce)

– 500 ml almond milk 

– Salt and pepper 

– a few drops of truffle oil 

Sorry I only have one photo but honestly it is so easy to do and after one spoon, you forget than you need to shoot pix for the blog 😉 


– Once your Jerusalem Artichokes are blanched and peeled, cut in cubes the celery root. More flavour than you think people, believe me!

 – Peel the shallot. In a pan, with one tablespoon olive oil,  sauté the shallot a few minutes, then add up your veggies. Let them cook on medium heat until a bit browned.

– Season with salt and pepper

– Pour the almond milk just to top your casserole. Let simmer for about 30 minutes.

– With a hand blender, go for it, until it is smooth and looks like a velouté. If you feel it is too thick add up a bit of the milk love and let it cook for another 5 minutes. If too think, then let it reduce another 10 to 15 minutes.

– then the real trick here is to add up a few drops of white truffle oil (easy on the hand, a drop or two go a long way, people….) and there you have it! A slice of paradise!

Once you have the consistence of a soup, get your favourite bowls  🙂

For a bit of crunchiness add up a tablespoon of roasted pine nuts.

Anytime of the week. Super easy and delicious!

Bon appétit


Cooking with the sun – Figs and fish, awesome combination!


Long time no see….somehow, tonight I got inspired by new sunny flavours. Went to pick up some leaves directly from our fig tree, got some fresh figs (of course) and  from the fish market this black sea bream (called here Goraz caught in the Atlantic). Combined them with some lemons quarters, some zest, olive oil, a bit of garlic (2 cloves), one spring onion and some white wine.

Super easy for a maximum of aroma…





1 – Line up a few fig tree leaves, if you find some maybe some dried ones in supermarkets.


2 – Place the whole fish (about 1 kg, 2 pounds) already scaled and cleaned up.

3 – Fill it up with the marinade (figs, lemon, garlic, onion, salt and pepper, olive oil)

4 – Pour a big glass of white wine in the pot.

5 –  If you have nothing to tie the leaves, add up some alu foil to hold the fish tight.

6 –  In a preheated oven, give it some love with 200 degree celsius (400 degrees Fahrenheit) for 10 minutes. Bring it down to 180 degrees (350 degrees Fahrenheit) for 30  to 40 minutes.

7 – Prepare a salad, some couscous, some rice  to come with it. I have prepared a warm couscous salad with some olives and roasted tomatoes. Spread a bit of lemon, salt and pepper and voilà..

was really delicious and the cooking technique with the fig leaves brings it a subtle smoky aroma, but kept the fish moist and tender. A keeper for the rest of the summer!

I will try this method next time on the grill and will give you updates.

Bon appétit!

For Rolf, with all my friendship. Looking forward to be cooking with you again! 




fish_3 fish_2 fish_1

A goat cheese/ apples/ walnuts/ duck breast verrine – the original version :-)


Access reserved only for Foodistas.. 🙂 You might have side effects of pleasure after trying out this small finger food dish. Of course, you can invariably decline it at your taste ; use mascarpone instead of goat cheese, Pata negra like Bo used in his verrine instead of duck…Let’s cut the talk and walk you through the “original recipe”. Continue reading

Squash flan, mushroom velouté with monkfish medaillons.


plan_1Veggies+Fish sounded on a tuesday night like the perfect relief after polpette, bolognaise and braised meat from the past cooking marathon. I felt after all of those homey comfort food I needed something a bit finer, maybe with some plating efforts 🙂 Let’s cook and plate, will we?
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